Ah The Joy Of Time To Relax And Feed That Hobby

The very best thing about having to take retirement is the abundance of free hours to get stuck in to hobbies, crafts, sewing, knitting, etc. etc.  The joy of being able to look at the clock and not have to worry about whether that stringent time sensitive document has been signed and copied for posting, or whether all the diaries. electronic and paper, have been completed and any invites to participate in meetings sent out.

Now the only thing on the horizon, if not a cruically important family jaunt, is how much time can be given over to knitting that new sweater, or is there enough time today for the knitting to be picked up and continued for another hour or so.   Can I do those extra few rows before the clock reminds me that I should really be thinking about tonight’s meal.  Another joy is visiting the online yarn, sewing & fabric stores that surrond this area.