Cottage Sewing Fun Starts New Hobby

I was away on a cottage holiday with a younger relative and her partner and family.  We had a fab time.  Lots of chit chat and many a laugh every day.    In one of the cottages we hired, there was an old sewing machine, of the treadle type.  This was an inspired artefact to leave in the cottage.  Every family who came to stay would have a little go on it and the owner had very thoughfully placed baskets with small bundles of spare fabric and the shuttle bobbins and  thread or anyone to have a go on it.  The owner was very considerate and had printed up a small booklet on how to use the machine, refilling the shuttle bobbin and spare cottons.   It was such a lot of fun, making up rudimentary toys and animal shapes from the pattern pieces and we came home with plans to carry on sewing.