Donated Sewing Projects Show Great Expertise

Whilst at a small social group I help support, there is often a ‘sales’ table – intended for folk to dontate goods worthy of sale, to help boost the subscription funds.  Well, the items range in quality from very dog eared crime paperbacks to celbratory mugs and beakers.  Rarely is anything offered above the level of tat.  So it was joyously surprising when a regular crafting member decided to kick the new season off by placing three very attractive items from one of her winter sewing sessions.  I was amazed at the noses turned up at the thought of buying beautifully stitched Santa stockings – prettily decorated with braid of all colours and shapes; sequins and buttons.  It is a marvel and must have taken the contributor many hours of work.   For the first time ever I elbowed my way to the front of the queue and happily handed over a small payment – I felt bad after when I saw the quality, wishing I’d had more money about my person!