Downsizing Redistributes The Hobby Crafter’s Stock

I was extremely impressed with some of the gear on display at a recent crafting / hobbyist fund raising table top sale.  The idea came about when a colleague needed to help a relative to downsize, in rather a hurry when a fantastic small bungalow came into reachable view.   The relative used to be very ‘hands on’ with knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, darning, embroidery etc. etc.   Sadly the relative is now in the deeply harrowing sentence of dementia – a condition I am intimate with through my mother’s own demise.   The fees for a dementia unit placement are so terrifyingly high that it’s amazing there aren’t truck loads of old folk being wheel barrowed off the side of a cliff.

Anyway, the items for sale included 3 sewing machines , an old knitting machine, lots of rug making tools, crochet hooks and knitting accessories of every description plus hundreds of swatches of fabric and home rolled balls of yarn.    A mini habidashery of her own!