Encouraging Shy Crafters Out Of Their Shells

I belong to the most august of the ladies’ groups in this country.  Nationally there are thousands of members and each group organises its own range of activities.   As with all groups of any kind, there are some members who end up doing a great deal more than others.  It’s a natural fact that some members like to busy themselves making stuff for the raffle and tombola sales;  they’ll happily knit, crochet and embroider to their hearts’ content.  There are many other who just as happily sit back and do not a great deal – but often have an opinion on the efforts of others.   Our small band is very much one of two halves.  However we hope to change that this  year by introducing a craft box which is going to be brought to each meeting.  Members can donate spare scraps/remnants of materials or knitting yarn, spare needles and patterns etc for members to have a go at a craft they’ve not tried before.  I have been buying up patterns for toys and small fabric gifts that can be made at home with some encouragement from the more experienced members.  It should be great fun to see the results later in the year at our autumn fare.