Fund Raising Efforts Need Full Reward & Recognition

I think one of the most nerve racking aspects of running a fund raising afternoon for any cause is the reaction to punters when you try selling them home made cakes and sewing items.  This last week was no exception – some folk were enthusiastic and paid up quickly but others, usually ones who have never baked, knitted or sewn anything in their lives, turn their noses up and suggeste we’re asking far too much for our efforts.  This of course is demoralising and they expect us to drop the prices.  I don’t.  I’m very good these days at looking straight past them to an indeterminate point behind their left shoulder and effectively making them ‘non persons’   The efforts we go to for these occasions calls for generority of the highest order and for people to pay for the materials, energy to cook/sew and time given.   The joy of finding the right yarn on a web site is beyond description and talking to the more reasonable punter at a funding event always throws up surprising titbits of information.