Galley Gallery Show Inspires Cooks

I’ve just come back from what was sold to me as a ‘holiday of a lifetime’.  Now I’m not desperately old and I plan to live for many a year yet, so I’m also hoping to have a few more even more exotic holidays – whether of a lifetime remains to be seen.    A couple of things about my trip that stick out in my memory were the amazing meals.  It was silver service in the internationally acclaimed restaurant and they did not dissapoint.  The  choices for each course were excellent and of course, offered things I would never cook for myself at home.  I have tried all kinds of white fish – not your average cod and chips either.  I had tilappia, red snapper, barramundi, kingclip, and every other kind of white fish currently on the accepted menu list.    I also had some incredibly tasty baked goods – I worked these off with some energetic walkies around the promenade decks every day.  The highlight was a tour around the galley – seeing the chefs and galley staff working so fast but accurately with all kinds of prepration was awe inspiring !