Haute Couture Missing A Possible Starlet From School

I well remember an incident in our needlework class at school – a girl from another table had her eye on some golden coloured thread I was using to make the hair on a collage about school teachers.  As you do.  I recall trying to copy Mrs. Cooke’s hair – she was very pretty with bubbly blonde curls.  I know I was trying to embroider curly hair.  The colour was absolutely right.  My mother had given me this small spool with just enough yarn to make a good go at 2 or 3 curly heads.  This girl called Janet didn’t care that the golden thread came from home – she wanted it so she took it and refused to hand it back.  Sewing was not my favourite class and the altercation caused me great stress.  The teacher did sort it and hand me back my thread but I never had the bottle to go back to sewing so changed to commercial class.  What has haute couture lost I wonder?!