Home Made With Love & Purpose

I have recently been flitting around a very attractive shopping and leisure development near my home.  It’s one we’ve been promised over the years and it is beautiful.  Not only has it got the the most gorgeous shops – a few anyway, it also has a wildlife section with a canoe facility, nature walks and all sorts of outdoor fun.  All the clothes shops are attractive and I for one would love nothing more than a bottomless purse from which to purchase all the lovely articles of clothing.  I can’t do that, but I can enjoy the hobby and crafting element.  It is inspring and brings out the home made spirit we used to have at home.  My grandmother always made our clothes – there was no question of us buying anything that could possibly be made at home.  All dresses, woolies, nightwear were run up on Nanna’s machine.  I think we bought the shoes and boots though!