Hurrah For The Industrial Heritage Shows

There was a series of programmes on mainstream tv recently – highlighting British industry in several of it’s forms.  The presenter, usually seen as a business analyst on the main news magazine programme, was extolling every that was fantastic about our industrial heritage.  They covered chocolate making;  ceramics;  stainless steel cutlery making, etc. etc.  Four  young designers and artisans in their own right were shepherded around various workshops – a different theme per evening.  It was absolutely amazing to see their efforts to recreate some of the things our forebears had been paid a tiny pittance to do so long ago.  It was also wonderful to hear theeir gasps of delight when an old sewing machine was brough out of retirememtn for one of the projcts.   They showed such respect for the women and men who perfected the skills and got so much done in so short a time.