January Heralds A Joyous Whole New Hobbying Year

The time for making all those wonderful Christmas makes is upon us.  In truth, most crafters and hobbyist don’t slacken off at any time of year, the overwhelming need to get out the knitting needles and start a new project does taking precedence over the more munane tasks.   January always brings with it an frission of excitement about what can be knitted or crocheted over the next 12 months.  There are the usual fesivals that for the dressmaker call for whole new ensembles, this is even more exciting if there are weddings to be attended.

The glorious choice of fabrcs, wools and all manner of accessories is fantastic these days.  There are hobby shops in every major town and not all the same supermarket version.  Smaller crafting groups get together and many more dressmaking classes are available now than just a few short years ago.  The lifestyle and hobbyy channels on tv certainly bringing more new happy recruits.