Jealously Coveting The Home Tailored Designer Jacket

Funny how we all learn different skills and hobbies at different speeds.  I have always been keen on knitting.  I used to knit dolls clothes to supplement the handful of items in each dolly wardrobe.  My parents used to patiently make furniture for the collection of 5 dolls.  Shoe boxes,  the most versatile of equipment – suitably covered in silky or tough fabric would become from carry cot to stand up wardrobe, smaller boxes made into a matching moses crib, or tallboy . . . Proud as I am of my knitting skills,   I wish though that someone had encouraged me to learn sewing too!  My elder sister did learn & it’s served her well all her life;  she’s made and worn so many outfits that I have coveted.  Oh how I envied a little chanel inspired jacket she made for a wedding – it looked fabulous and I should have taken lessons then to make my own!