Kick Start Habit To Repair, Reuse & Rebuild

We are a nation of two halves in many areas of life.  Very much in two camps over crafts, using our technical abilities to make things and to enjoy repairing and reusing existing stuff.   This is pleasing but could be so much more.   At my womens’ group, half the members really love to knit, crochet, sew and model and repair items.  The other half have no hobbies or interests in reusing things and throw away more than the res of  us.  They marvel at the annual craft competition evening and vote vigorously for their favourite item.  They never feel any desire to be amongst those claiming success.  So some on our committee are trying to change this by encouraging the non participants to ‘have a go’ at making at least one item that can be sold on the craft table at the annual christmas fair.  We are providing materials remnants, spare yarn, needles, patterns – another pal is providing model making equipment . . . .  and we are having more hands on evening meetings.  Our centenary was a timely reminder that the insititute was started originally to help repair, renew, rebuild Britain!