Knitted Dog Taking Back Seat To Christmas Makes

I am well acquainted with a mum of a family who is already extremely busy, as a specialist nurse.  She works a rather odd rota of shifts, some 12 hour nights and other 6 hour days.  But after a heavy stint of duties she does have the joy of 4 or 5 completely duty free days and seems to survive on less than half the sleep normal adults do!  her greatest relaxation is knitting.  I have seen some amazing projects hot off the knitting needles – she can use 4 double pointed and circlular for in the round or straight knitting.  Nothing seems ot faze her and she just calmly knits for the sheer joy.  This has rekindled my interest in the hobby too and I find myself browsing knitting sites and lusting after particular yarns and patterns in the same way.   So far I have produced a pretty baby jacket, two jumpers and half a knitted dog!