Knitted Or Cross Stitch Samples Of Crafting

When we are stressed, say around the approach of Christmas and New Year, it is easy to overlook the most obvious way to provide good quality and much loved presents for family and friends.  If we have a modicum of talent in the knitting or crochet department, there are hundreds of fantastic patterns out there for all sorts of fun items or small garments.  There are limitations on what counts as a quick pressie and perhaps that fair isle sweater with 24 colours won’t be the best choice!  I was happily engrossed in making a knitted dog for a young neice.  I didn’t actually finish it because time was needed elsewhere, but luckily it can be a birthday gift in January!   If knitting or crochet is not the thing, how about making a cross stich sampler and framing it?  There are some wonderful kits and all of this online where you can browse and plan at your leisure.