Learning The Lessons Of Untidy Sewing Up

One of the pastimes that keep me relaxed and amused is knitting.  I did stop for a few years, when I was working a fair way from home, by the time I got back, changed, cooked dinner and cleared away, the joy of knitting or any craft seemed to disappear.  But now I have more time and it has returned.  I knitted a complete sweater – very pleasing bobble and lace pattern around the lower edge of the body and sleeves.  It tought me one thing though – to read the pattern fully first and note the change in instructions from body to sleeve!  I did do a thorough tension square test.  Now this has foxed me becaue the last one I did was absolutely accurate for the rows v stitch count.  However when I finally sewed up the garment – as shown on a helpful video channel online – I realised immediately that things were amiss.  The flaming thing was far too big – wider than the already generous bust measurement and a rather odd shape.  Sadly I accepted defeat and undid it.  There are always lesson to be learned from every project and knowing how to seam up neatly is one – espeially when you decide to unpick for a reknitting project!