Top Designer Originals Urgently Sought

I have been absolutely enthralled by some of the programmes on my prime subscription.  There are hundreds of oldies that seem to be available that I’d feared were lost for ever!  One of the series I’ve most enjoyed is the avengers – but only the two series with Diana Rigg.  The clothes chosen for her are just so fabulous  – classy, very elegant, modern and reflecting the new sexy designs of the era.  A lot of Mary Quant styling came in to the second batch of episodes, with skirts and pinafore dresses a little too short for realism, bearing in mind Emma’s action girl posona!  In the national newspapers and on radio this week there has been a massive call for anyone with any original MQ garments or very similar based on her designs, from that era to lend them for a special exhibiton at the V&A museum.    I so loved my MQ lookalike dress when I was a teenager!