New Skirt – Matching Yarn Just A Whisker Away

When I was out with younger relatives in a town which is not very familiar to me, I was reliant on them guiding me to the department store that I needed.  I was convinced that I needed a particular shade of green in any combination of jumper/cardigan/shirt/tee.  I had bought a fabulous skirt in a charity shop and of course, nothing I already had went with it.  So these dear lasses tried their best but having falied miserably, they took me to their mum’s absolute ‘go to’ store.  The local wool and fabric emporium.  My goodness what a fantastic place that turned out to be!  I was mesmerised from the front door bell to the racks and racks of glorious textiles – two hours later, armed with knitting pins, pattern and a bag of the most perfect yarn ever, the new me emerged triumphant, ready for the next challenge!