New Technology Enhance Spring Sewing Themes

Happy days are sewing and hobby days in this house.   Lots of activities seem to be going on at one time.  A sweater being knitted here and spring dresses being planned over there . . . .   Looking around some of the habidashery departments loclly, it seems as if the world has gone tulip crazy.  It’s a fabulous floer in itself, but it’s astonishing just how many fabric designs are incorporating this humble floral pick of the crops from so far back in the day.  No wonder there were fisticuffs over the supply of tulips centuries ago. . . .   In these days of truly modern sewing machines, it would be such a shame not to make the very most of the advances in technology and make embroidered bed linens or table coverings.  A quick glance at the glossar of the newest machines show they offer 30 to 50 built in stiches, many with floral motifs – just right for makig home linens with a spring theme.