Organic Home Made Crafts Save The Planet

I’m loiving the way many families are moving away from the buying cheapest and quickest delivery with it.  It’s been an absolute eye opener lately, seeing how much of our instant ‘throwaway’ materialism is affecting this world of ours.  The programmes on tv highlight the nature of the beast.  Plastics are choking wildlife and manufacturing processes in the man made fibres are leaking out chemicals all over the place.  So in only half a century since we started using these processess, it’s now critical that we get back to organic, home made clothes – knitted or sewn.  Families with children are becoming much more aware of their family footprint and how much they’re using world resources.  Kniting and sewing with undyed cotton and fabrics dyed with natural plants will win out in the end.  It’s an exciting time to be at the helm of a busy craft store.  At last!