Selecting The Right Fabric for The Job In Hand

When I was quite young I had a major problem with over active sweat glands  not a nice subject at any time, but one that caused me sleepless nights and an absolute fear of being invited out to parties and discos.  My mum would do her best with finding me anti perspirant products and I would slip all sorts of protective pads between my undies and the sleeve top.  My goodness I used to be in such a state.  It didn’t help that I always liked silky, satin type of fabrics for dreses and blouses – just the sort that atract marks of any kind – even being breathed on was a problem.

Nowadays, on line there are suppliers of some really super new textiles –  everything from susiting through to the finest sheer fabric for exotic blouses and shel tops.  Knowing how achieve best results is a talent I have yet to fully appreciate!