Sewing Favour Rekindles Past Skills

There are some valuable lessons to be had from an enforced ‘stay at home’ instruction.   Normally we can’t get enough of the weekend time off – work comes to an end of Friday and everyone rushes off for family time.  Well  having had rather more than we’ve ever been used to, with all non essential food shops and libraries closed, by the use of online stores and fantastic delivery services,  hobbies and new skills have been taken up by millions of families.  It is really pleasing that so many people have either dug out a sewing machine, or gone further and bought themselves one.  My own interest in basic sewing was thrust upon me when a pal suggested I help the healthcare frontline staff by sewing scrubs bags for them work clothes to be separated from other washing.  I got really hooked on turning mismatched pillow cases and old valance sheets.  When that project was fulfilled, I took up sewing as a hobby, to supplement my craze for knitting which had also been rekindled, big time!