Summer Gives Way To Hobby And Project Time

The end of the summer holidays is racing towards us.  When the end of the term is drawing near, it seems as though the summer is a great expanse of lazy hazy days spread before us, with nothing particular to do . . . . .   then the family holiday comes and goes, with all the traumas that brings.  Autumn seems to creep up so suddenly!    I do love this period, being a winter baby, I have always felt comfortable in walking boots, thermal jacket and warm headgear.  Not for me the skimpy tops and bikinis.  I love the idea of a project to be planned, selected, sourced and started by the end of September.    The fantastic selection of fabrics and threads, patterns and new machinery out there these days is wonderful.  As are the inspiring tv lifestyle and shopping channels.  I watch one or two and I’m itching to get up to the work room to plan and act!