Talking Of Textiles Over Afternoon Tea

There are so many crafts out there to be tried and tested.  Gosh, I was chatting to some ladies at the monthly meeting we have in a nearby village.  Most of them seem to have been old for most of my lifetime, and Im no spring chicken now.  However, they do have a fantastic range of abilities and talents between them.  One particular octagenarian has just completed an tailoring course – taken her two years at a local art department.   This dear lady was so full of enthusiasm for her newly and much desired talents, and she was telling us all about a textile warehouse that she has access to.  It sounded so interesting and exciting I very nearly signed up for a course myself!

My chum was regaling us with news of all the modern textiles available today – suits do not just have to be serge!  Colours, thread counts, colours, I learnt more over that afternoon tea than your could imagine.