The Lady Triumphs With Knitted Pooch Protectors

My neighbour has two little dogs.  One is a white fluffy little thing with the cutest face and very loud bark.  She is the sort of sweet lap dog you see on the front of a certain pet food tin for the more spoilt end of the cat kingdom.  She has now ‘invested’ in another pooch – this time a cross between a daschunt and an even tinier model.  You could get both pups in a shopping basket if you needed to.  They were really cold when out on a walk in the snowy rain the other week.  Being really soft about pets, she went out and tried to buy tiny knitted dog coats – well this was the funniest thing.  What came back were two little vest shaped garments that just about fittted my daughter’s tiny tear doll. In the end I offered to knit her some – using a pattern I found in an ancient The Lady magazine. Perfection!