Top TV Sewing Programme Has Raised The Profile Of Sewing Skills

Great things come to certain hobbies and sectors of industry when a television programme suddenly takes off and becomes the ‘go to’ family watch of the week.  There is something really fantastic about watching programmes where the participants have to show such technical expertise as understanding a sewing pattern, choosing the correct type of fabric for the design, selecting the appropriate thread to be compatible with that material and then start to place the pattern pieces out for cutting.  It would all see too baffling for most folk had it not been for a certain programme on tv that strangely includes the word Bee in it’s title!

The many small fabric and textile shops have really blossomed with this resurgance of sewing and crafting.  Instead of perhaps languishing in their dusty little corner, the shops are often choc a block with customers trying to find the same fabrics and ideas as on tv.