Trips To Habidashery And Fabric Heaven

I so remember the days when my grandmother used to make all our clothes – there were three of us and we all got made exactly the same outfits.  We were not similar in height, size or colouring so there was never anyone mistaknly thinking we were triplets.  Going up town to get material was always really exciting – I used to absolutely love going to the habidashery store with its wooden floorboards, loud bell and huge counters with fixed metal measuring stick and assistants with tape measures permanently around their necks and fabric cutting scissors to hand.  The huge bales of different coloured fabric was eye catching – it was always arranged in colour order and two folk had to manhandle the bales to get the one near the bottom of the pile.   Online sales have replaced this activity and more stock is available from absolutely anywhere in the world of course.  The quality of the product has also improved but I do miss that old shop!