TV Advertorial Inspire Interest In Sewing Hobby

I was flicking through the tv pages looking desperately for a programme I was sure I’d noted in a trailer previously – up and down the listings I went.  Failing to find my intended one, my eyes lit upon a crafting show – I don’t usually make time to sit and watch any hobby or craft shows – although I used to be a seriously avid knitter and have recently bought yarn and circular needles for a new project.

It was really wonderful to just sit goggle eyed watching the guest effortlessly demonstrate the amazing range of embroidery stitches on the machine she was advertising.   The hostess was babbling away to the guest throughout and I was glued as lines of fancy motifs filled my screen.  Tiny caravans, rose emblems, house shapes, animals, boats, trains, buses.  You name it, there was a setting for it.  With programmes to insprire and encourage like that, who could fail to enjoy a new sewing hobby?