Elegance Usurpassed By Any Wedding Guest

We have just ejoyed the spectacle of a royal wedding.  The last major one was in 2011 and since then that particular couple have gone on to have 3 children.  A lot of noise and mess for them for a while still.  The elder children were in the  group of cheeky paige boy and flower girls this time.  Great fun, lovely outfits, cheeky smiles all around.   The bride had the most fantastic dress – made by givenchy in France but designed and directed by an English woman.  Very simple lines, stunningly plain but so elegant.  The Queen lent the bride – her new grandaughter in law, a chic, undersated tiara to hold the pretty and long veil.  As if these weren’t enough, the evening dress for the bride was no less elegant and beautifl – this one design by our very own stella mcC.  The whole affair was quite wonderful and we look forward to more photos.