Bridal Fabrics Change Over The Years

It is quite interesting to watch how fashions come and go.  Only a few short years ago for example, brides would never have thought of having vast meringue sized wedding dresses – nor would they have considered anything that wasn’t pure white.  Today, the dresses are getting bigger, nearly all seem to be off the shoulder styles and generally they will be any shade from oyster through to pale pink or gold.  The wearing of white was generally to project pureness of the bride, if not the groom!  With today’s slightly less starchy atmosphere at a wedding, these little items can be safely ignored.  It makes me smile when watching weddings of couples who have been together for several years already – usually with 2 or 3 children in tow, then suddenly decide on a whim to get married and make it a formal arrangement.  Better late than not at all, especially with children.