The Talent Passed On From Grandma’s Day

We have an amazing selection of crafts available to us today – for hobby level enterprises.  There’s dressmaking;   qulting;  knitting;  crochet;  embroidery; etc. all making things lovingly and in our spare time.  Far gone are the days when when everybody relied on one of the household to own a sewing machine and the knowledge of how to use it.  In our family this was my maternal grandmother – she was such a whizz at making clothes.  We very rarely had new items bought from a shop.  Apart from school uniform items and undies – which came from the co-op.  Gran seemed to simply take something we had been bought or passed down to us, make a pattern of same out of brown paper and alter it as approprate for each child.  We had home made coats too and one year, for a special easter holiday she made the three of us identical skirt suits – like Chanel mini-mes !