Picky About Different Shades Of Navy Blue

There are many types of knitting yarn these days – not just the pure new wool and the acrylic pretender to choose from.  I personally like the feel of pure mercerised cotton but for some reason I am not very good at knitting neatly with it.  I have a bag of 600 grammes, bought ages ago to match the round circle pattern of a bargain charity shop skirt purchase.  The skirt itself ony cost £4.49 but I have since bought that many different shades of apple/grass green only to find it doesn’t match well enough for my critical eye, that I could have bought the skirt new ten times over!  I am seriously picky abut matching shaes.  There is no such thing as a navy shade – there are about 15 navy shades and it is one colour that really clashes when two of the wrong shades of navy are plonked next to each other.