Yarn Stashing Is A Time Honoured Craft

There has never been a time when I’ve needed a great push to put down paid work and pick up my beloved knitting projects.   I don’t produce a lot, it has to be said, but I do enjoy trying out new stiches and avidly follow a couple of very good crafting experts on the well tried and tested video system.  It’s great to look over my stash of yarns – I have many different types up in the ‘craft’ cupboard.  The knitting yarns left over from various projects, some more successful than others, means that I can try any pattern gauge at any time!  However, when it comes to buying new products, I like to have a really good look at what’s out there, what choices of colour, yarn weight and needle combination does my desired pattern need – do I have the equipment or does this mean a quick perusal of favourite supplier sites?  Enjoying ones hobby is critical at times of national crisis!